Content Marketing

How We Understand and Implement Content Marketing

We see content marketing as a strategic marketing process in online marketing that positions your brand and your company in the market relevant to you. We help your company achieve its business goals and stand out from the competition through tailored content strategies and high-quality content.

Content marketing offers you many opportunities to provide existing customers with added value, but also to win new customers. We achieve this, among other things, by building trust, which leads to purchasing decisions and customer loyalty. This form of communication needs to be represented on your website.

Content Strategy

A content strategy is always something long-term. But why is that? With content planning, which is an essential part of the content strategy, you give yourself the opportunity to address your marketing activities and other company-relevant initiatives and integrate them into the content planning. When we start working for you, what will our first steps be:

  • We get to know your target audience. Who are your customers and what interests do they have? What needs do they have? Where can your target audience be found, i.e., on which social media channels are they present?
  • We will ask ourselves a few questions about your target audience. What problems are your customers trying to solve? What does your target audience need most? What information does your target audience hope to find on your website?
  • How do we get this information? Here, various analytics tools come in handy, providing us willingly with information about the needs and challenges, but even more about the characteristics of your target audience, helping us to plan the right content strategy.
  • We create an editorial plan in which we can determine what types of content we will create, which topics should be covered, and how often content should be published to make content marketing successful.
  • In this context, we identify relevant SEO keywords and the appropriate calls-to-action.

Our Content Offer – Together for Successful Growth

Content Strategy Development:

We develop a content strategy tailored to your industry, your specific business goals, and your target audience. Parallel to content planning, we keep an eye on monitoring and naturally report back to you on the development.

Search Engine Optimized Content:

We know how important search engine ranking is for you. To increase visibility through our activity, we identify relevant keywords for you and integrate them in the appropriate places. For this purpose, we naturally use excellent keyword tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner. . When creating content, we pay attention not only to readability and informative content but also optimize it for SEO.

Content Creation as Part of the SEO Strategy:

When creating product descriptions, we keep your conversion goals in mind and also research keywords and relevant terms in advance. We also master e-commerce optimization and apply it to shop products and category descriptions. We create further SEO-optimized content through blog posts, guide texts, and persuasive website texts. We create content that informs, advises, entertains, and offers real value to your visitors. This will affect your search engine ranking.

Content Marketing Measures:

Seeding is a big deal for us, as it is the beginning of every content marketing process. We plan your content marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness, raise attention, and generate customer acquisition.

Your Vision – Our Drive for Content Marketing

We believe that valuable content tailored to you is the heart of any marketing strategy. We are here to ensure your content reaches your target audience and turns them into loyal customers. With our deep understanding of content marketing, we are ready to take your brand and your business goals to a new level.

Are you ready?

Do you have any questions?

⇒ What is meant by the term content strategy development?

Content strategy development involves planning and developing content specifically tailored to your business goals and target audience. It is always to be understood as a long-term process. It’s about creating a coherent story for your company that is consistent across various channels and effectively addresses your target audience.

⇒ What can search engine optimized content achieve?

Primarily, search engine optimized content improves your ranking in search results, leading to higher visibility of your website. This attracts more high-quality traffic, increases your company’s awareness, and ultimately leads to an increase in conversion rates.

⇒ How long does it take to achieve measurable results from a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is a long-term process. Some successes can certainly be effective in the short term, but most companies see significant results within 6 to 12 months. This timeframe can vary greatly depending on your industry and competition.

⇒ How do you measure the success of a content marketing strategy?

Success is measured using various KPIs; we use advanced analytics tools to track these metrics and adjust our strategies accordingly.

⇒ How often should content on my website be updated?

The need for “fresh” content depends on your industry, goals, and resources. Generally, we recommend regularly publishing new content to keep your target audience engaged and improve visibility in search engines.

⇒ How do you integrate SEO into content creation?

SEO is an indispensable part of our content creation process. We conduct comprehensive keyword research using common tools, optimize headlines and metadata, and ensure that the content is appealing, informative, and provides value both for search engines and your visitors.

⇒ What budget do I need to allocate for a content marketing strategy?

This cannot be calculated across the board; costs depend on the size of your project, your specific needs, and goals. However, we can certainly offer you a solution tailored to your budget and requirements.

⇒ On what criteria are the contents for blog posts and guide texts selected?

Based on your brand, goals, SEO analyses, and the interests of your target audience, we conduct a topic research. This is combined with your company-specific activities.

⇒ How do you ensure that the content accurately represents my company?

We work closely with you to understand your brand values, tone, and message. Our goal is to create content that strengthens your company identity.

⇒ What could the beginning of a collaboration look like?

The first step is a non-binding introductory meeting in which we discuss your needs and goals. Based on this and an initial analysis of your current content inventory, we create a proposal for your content strategy. Simply contact us via our contact form to start the process.

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