What makes us so strong as a web design agency

We work solution-oriented and creatively on the projects of our customers. Let’s work together for your success.


Benefit from our many years of experience and let us advise you on your new website or online store. Through our many projects, we are always familiar with the latest technology.


Online internet marketing in particular is very extensive and time-consuming, making it difficult to manage without expert help. We are happy to provide you with advice and support in online marketing.


We develop an individual web design for you, taking your wishes into account. We integrate your CI and at the same time provide the necessary user experience. Our goal is your success and your enthusiasm.


After completion, we register your website in the Google Webmaster Tool and establish a link to the Google Search Console. A tool with which you can monitor your traffic.

What distinguishes one website from another in web design?

In web design there are a number of factors that make up a good website and also distinguish it from others:

User experience (UX): An outstanding website offers a seamless, intuitive and engaging user experience. This includes clear navigation, fast loading times and a logical structure.

Aesthetics (design): An appealing, modern design that reflects the brand identity, attracts visitors and keeps them on the site longer.

Responsiveness: The homepage must look just as good on all devices, including cell phones and tablets, as it does on the desktop version as well.

Content quality: High-quality, relevant and up-to-date content that adds value, thereby increasing credibility and driving engagement.

Search engine optimization (SEO): Good websites are optimized for search engines so that they can also be found depending on the search intention.

Interactivity: Interactive elements such as animations, scrolling effects or multimedia content can improve the user experience and make the content more appealing.

Performance: Fast response times and optimized backend processing ensure an efficient user experience.

Accessibility: A better website is accessible to people with disabilities and follows the WCAG guidelines.

Security: A secure website that protects user data is essential.

Uniqueness: A website that protects user data is essential.

All these factors together ensure that your homepage is not only functional and attractive to look at, but also creates an effective online presence for the company or brand in question.

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What we at ixtreme can do

Competent advice

For a consultation and an initial meeting we need some information about your project. Already during this conversation you will notice that we can look back on many years of experience from which you can profit.

Content Management

Thoughtful, structured content management is essential for customer acquisition and retention.
We create for you valuable and SEO-optimized content with real added value.

Whether B2B or B2C, every online store will be unique. Each store can be extended to your needs with product configurators, events, multi-vendor, affiliate and much more. Talk to us about it.

OnPage optimization

OnPage optimization includes the use and optimization of keywords, meta tags, links, loading times and much more. The more comprehensive the OnPage optimization, the better the ranking of your website.

If your website needs a fresh new Responsive Design or new features, then a website relaunch is often necessary.
If your website needs a fresh new Responsive Design or new features, then a website relaunch is often necessary. We solve the problem for you by making the necessary preparations until the relaunch is complete.

Social Media Marketing

When networking with social media channels, a form of communication with potential and existing customers takes place.
A good and sensible strategy is the prerequisite for goal-oriented social media marketing.

Every website needs to be cherished and cared for like your car. It needs to be maintained, which also means it needs to be constantly updated.
This includes a secure login as well as secure passwords. Then you are on the right track.

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