About us

About us

We, that is ixtreme and its high performance team

When we founded our company more than 15 years ago, Joomla, Typo3 as well as html were still very current. Many websites have left our house that were created with one of these systems.

Today other systems are used from WordPress to PHP scripts or Bootstrap websites. There has also been a big change in store systems.

We have remained on the ball throughout the entire development, adapting our techniques and all our know-how to the times. Much of the knowledge of “the past” we can still use in one way or another. Knowledge knows no years.

Our team has specialized in a wide range of areas, adapted to the requirements. Each according to his inclinations, interests and abilities.

Our specifications are in the creation of websites and webshops, but not only. We are also strong in SEO, content management, marketing and Google Ads. What makes us so special is not only our professional knowledge but also our project proximity. With us, at least for a certain time, every project is treated as if it were our own. Only when you as a customer and we as a web design agency are satisfied with our success, we confidently hand the project back into your hands.

Why you should work with us ...

Customers focus

We focus on the goals and the added value we can give them. We put our many years of know-how at your disposal to achieve your goals.


Our agency exists since the year 2014. We have continuously developed further and always stayed on the ball. We pick up on trends and apply them where it fits.


Whether it is our equipment or the techniques we use for your project, we are always up to date. We also attend training courses all the time.

How your web design agency ixtreme works

Behind every project, behind every order we stand with a lot of commitment and know how

Your project

Together with you we will discuss your project. Whether this is a new website, webshop or a website relaunch. This conversation is very important for successful implementation. For us, actually, the be-all and end-all.

The brain

And already we are active for you. Wir machen uns Gedanken über Ihr Projekt. Whether it is the question with which system your project is implemented. But also here we think outside the box and also think about the marketing of your project, product or website.


A strategy always emerges from our thoughts. We will discuss these with you. Then we become active and implement piece by piece. We will keep you informed during the implementation.

The result

Very importantly, we do not stop until we have achieved the goals we discussed. Whether this is the finished website, webshop or the discussed marketing measures. We deliver what we promise, otherwise we would not accept the order.


Even after completion, we are always there for you. Most of our customers stay with us. Be it with extensions or even new projects. This is very pleasant for a cooperation, because you already know each other.

When may we use your
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