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What makes a good store

It is impossible to imagine the Internet without an online store. Starting with Amazon or ebay, there are now many large and small online stores that sell their products very successfully on the Internet. At the latest in the times of the Corona, many are still pushing into the online market to sell their offers…

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Image rights and licenses

Image rights and licenses On the Internet, the publication of graphics, images and videos and the associated image rights and licenses is always a prisant topic. But which images may now be freely placed on the net (Internet) and which not? If you take your own photos, you may of course use them. But even…

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Buyer behavior in the e-commerce sector

Buyer behavior in the e-commerce sector Overall shopper behavior in the e-commerce sector has changed significantly in recent years. What seemed impossible a few years ago is now everyday life. There is hardly an industry today that is not represented on the Internet with an online store to offer its products or services. If we…

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