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Successful YouTube SEO strategies for companies

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google and offers companies an excellent platform to increase their reach and reach their target group through YouTube SEO. An effective YouTube SEO strategy is crucial to become visible in this crowded market. Here are concrete measures and tools that you can implement immediately…

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How important is content marketing for your business

Content marketing – importance and field of application In today’s digital world, where companies compete for the attention of their customers, content marketing has become an indispensable part of any marketing strategy. But what exactly does content marketing mean and why is it so important?Content marketing is a marketing strategy in which companies create and…

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Will TikTok actually be banned?

Will TikTok actually be banned? Will TikTok actually be banned? TikTok is a household name these days, whether you’re one of the estimated 1.8 billion global users or not. The app that specializes in entertaining with short videos has made a sensational development. Thus, since it was bought out and renamed (it was previously called…

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Linkbuilding im E-Commerce

Link building in e-commerce is as important as linking is for websites. Internal as well as external links are important aspects for SEO. The importance of links starts with navigation and thus usability for your visitors. In this post we will try to explain Internal Linking clearly. What are internal links? Internal links are links…

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