16. January 2019

Buyer behavior in the e-commerce sector

Buyer behavior in the e-commerce sector

Overall shopper behavior in the e-commerce sector has changed significantly in recent years. What seemed impossible a few years ago is now everyday life. There is hardly an industry today that is not represented on the Internet with an online store to offer its products or services.

If we go back a few years and think about the retail stores, we can see the advantage of consulting at that time. No matter what you needed an employee was always there, touting the merits of the goods and trying to offer the customer the best possible taking into account their needs.

The advice customers still want today, customers still go to retail stores and undergo extensive consultation. But what does the customer do before he decides to buy? He looks for the same product on the Internet and if it can be ordered at a lower price there, he does so.
He has been extensively advised, and he can also send the product back. In some cases, retailers have even pulled the emergency brake and started charging a so-called consulting fee. This will be charged when the product is purchased.

So where is the trend in e-commerce shopper behavior heading?

Online stores should take on a consulting role in marketing as far as possible. Inform the visitors of your store about the items as if the customer was standing in front of you. Also show him alternatives, address any problems with the product (possibly too small, too big, too heavy, etc.) and offer him solutions for them.
Make online shopping a shopping experience. What could be better than shopping either in boutiques or big shopping malls. Make your store a shopping experience too.
Take advantage of the many media opportunities for your store and share your product in the appropriate places through social channels.

Which way will the online giants go in the near future?

Amazon for example. is making itself quite strong in the food sector. What has long been part of everyday life in America will soon be introduced here.
We will be able to buy groceries online because Amazon has acquired the U.S. organic supermarket chain Whole Foods to do so. Amazon will introduce online grocery, other companies such as eg. Rewe, Allyouneed etc. will follow.

A whole new market is opening up here, and not just for the giants. There will also be new opportunities for niche grocery stores such as. Wine, pasta, etc. result.