3. May 2018

From July 2018, mobile load times will become a ranking factor

How important are mobile load times in Google?

Now it’s through, from July 2018 mobile load times will become a ranking factor. The terms resp. the speed of your website is now gaining importance on mobile. What has already applied to the desktop since 2010 will now also apply to mobile devices such as tablet and mobile from July. The speed of your website becomes a very important factor in finding it on the Internet.

While Google already points out that the relevance of your website’s content is still the most important thing, every website owner whose website loads slowly should consider investing in PageSpeed optimization. A large percentage of users use mobile devices to access information found on the web. This is probably also the reason why Google makes mobile load times a ranking factor.

You can measure these loading times yourself using a wide variety of tools:

PageSpeed Insights gives you information about how fast or how slow your website is, but the tool also gives you a lot of information about what needs to be changed on your site to increase the speed.

Another tool to measure the speed of your website or webshop is GTmetrix. This tool also provides you with valuable approaches as to what can be improved on the website.

Very annoying for all website operators, but nothing helps ….