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Make a statement with customized and creative promotional items

In the world of brand communication, details are crucial. We not only provide you with digital services, but also physical advertising media that put your brand in the spotlight. We understand that every touchpoint with your brand counts. You can rely on us because we know how to attract attention, cultivate relationships and strengthen brand loyalty. We, your experts for web design, SEO, content marketing and Google Ads, are at your disposal for the transmission of your online and offline advertising message.

Why your marketing agency Ixtreme is your contact for promotional items

Expert knowledge:
We have an in-depth understanding of marketing strategies and brand-promoting advertising media. Our employees, who specialize in promotional products, use their extensive knowledge to present you with products that not only stand out, but also have a lasting effect.

We offer complete integration of your advertising message. From the first design draft to digital advertising campaigns to tangible, effective promotional gifts that convey your message – everything from a single source.

Creativity and innovation:
We rethink conventional advertising media. Environmentally friendly options and technologically innovative products – we will find the perfect promotional item that underlines your brand identity and inspires your target group.

Wir vereinen Expertenwissen mit Kreativität und Innovation in Ihrer Werbebotschaft

Discover the power of physical advertising: Why classic promotional products remain indispensable

When we look at the rapid development of digitalization, it would be easy to assume that online marketing has overtaken all traditional forms of advertising. But despite the rise of digital platforms, the importance of promotional items remains unsurpassed. These high-quality advertising materials offer a direct, tangible and often long-lasting connection between your company and its target groups. For entrepreneurs who want to leave a lasting impression on their customers, classic promotional gifts are therefore an indispensable addition to their marketing strategies.

Why physical promotional items?

Haptic perception increases memory performance:
Research shows that haptic impressions – i.e. what we can physically touch and feel – improve brand recall. Promotional items such as printed pens, notebooks or mugs are often used in everyday life and ensure that your brand is regularly brought to mind.

Long service life ensures lasting advertising impact:
In contrast to an online advertisement that disappears after a few seconds, high-quality promotional items often remain present for months or years. Your advertising message lives on in the offices, cars and homes of your target group and generates continuous visibility.

Haptische Wahrnehmung erhöht die Erinnerungsleistung und eine lange Lebensdauer sorgt für anhaltende Werbewirkung

Emotional connection through physical items:
Promotional gifts generate an emotional response. Whether it’s the T-shirt, sweatshirt or cap you like to wear, or the coffee mug you use every day – well-chosen promotional items create a personal connection to the brand.

Effective customer acquisition and retention:
Promotional items are not only popular with existing customers, they can also effectively appeal to potential customers. Make a strong impression with practical or innovative products that offer your target group real added value in everyday life.

Increased range and visibility:
When promotional items are used in public, such as umbrellas or bags, the reach (source) of your brand increases considerably. Every use of the article in public is a free advertising opportunity that can replace otherwise expensive advertising space.

How to use promotional items effectively

  • Target group analysis: If you know your target group, you will also know what they need. A personalized promotional item should not only bear your logo, but also have a practical use for the recipient.
  • Quality over quantity: High-quality promotional gifts represent the quality of your brand. Invest in products that promise longevity and benefits in order to be remembered positively.
  • Creative design: A unique design or an innovative idea can make your giveaways stand out from the crowd. Use this opportunity to show the creativity and character of your brand.
  • Integration into the overall marketing strategy: Physical promotional items should be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Coordinated with online campaigns in your social media channels as well as other advertising measures, you strengthen the impact of your brand message.
  • Measuring ROI: Record how effective your promotional items are. This can be done through direct feedback, tracking usage or through special offers and codes linked to the articles.

Case studies: Successful use of physical advertising

Companies of all sizes and industries have significantly improved their brand awareness and customer loyalty through the use of “personalized promotional items”. Some successful examples are

A tech start-up increased its customer satisfaction and brand awareness by distributing high-quality USB sticks at trade fairs.
A local retailer increased footfall by distributing personalized shopping bags.


One law firm strengthened its client relationships with elegant, personalized writing sets as a thank you for accepting a client.

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