Clipper promotional items A - Z

A step towards a green future with Clipper promotional products A - Z

In a world that is rapidly raising awareness of environmental issues, our Sustainable Collection 2024 presents a wide range of sustainable promotional products that both protect the environment and represent your brand with style and substance. Our collection includes a wide range of products, from functional drinking vessels and stylish office accessories to fashionable bags and home accessories, all of which represent a commitment to sustainability and outstanding quality. Read more …

Naturalness that connects

Our carefully selected materials such as organic cotton, sustainably sourced bamboo and recycled leather not only give each item an individual touch, but also promote a responsible future. With innovative products made from biodegradable promotional items and recycled materials – including coffee grounds, apple peelings and PET bottles – we are setting a clear example of environmental awareness and social responsibility. These items are not only environmentally friendly, but also real eye-catchers that draw attention to your brand.

Customized solutions for every brand

We understand that every brand is unique and has specific needs. That’s why we offer customization options to ensure that your promotional products are not only environmentally friendly, but also perfectly aligned with your corporate image and promotional objectives. Whether through precise imprints, detailed laser engravings or innovative, customized designs – your brand is always our priority. Our subject matter experts work closely with you to ensure that each product communicates your message effectively.

Effective promotional gifts

Whether for the office, the outdoor area, the living room at home or for everyday use – our collection offers a wide range of practical and environmentally friendly products. From sturdy jute bags that are ideal for shopping to stylish office items made from recycled materials that will enhance any work environment, our eco promotional gifts are designed to not only attract attention, but to inspire and make a lasting impression.

A step towards a green future

We invite you to join us in shaping the future of advertising. The Sustainable Collection 2024 offers you the opportunity to choose sustainable corporate gifts that reinforce your brand message while protecting our planet. With every item from our collection, you are making a conscious decision for sustainability and showing that your company is not only operating in the present, but also has a vision for a better future. Let’s make a positive impact on the world together and show that responsible action and outstanding marketing can go hand in hand.

Connect through sustainability

Our promotional items are more than just products; they are ambassadors for your brand and your values. With the Sustainable Collection 2024, you not only show that you care about the environment, but also that you are prepared to take innovative steps to position your brand in a highly competitive market. By choosing our sustainable promotional products, you connect your brand to a larger movement towards sustainability and innovation.