Fare® advertising umbrellas - where sustainability meets innovation

At Fare® we know that an advertising umbrella is much more than just protection from the rain or sun. It is a powerful canvas for your brand, a way to put your message directly into the hands of your customers on a daily basis. With a deep understanding of quality, functionality and environmentally conscious design, our sustainable promotional umbrellas provide a platform that not only supports your promotional objectives but also reflects your environmental values. Read more …

Why you should choose Fare® advertising umbrellas

Sustainable production: Our umbrellas are the result of ecologically responsible production using innovative technologies such as the waterSAVE® dyeing process. This process not only saves water, but also uses recycled plastic fibers that underline your company’s ecological awareness. We are committed to CO2-neutral supply chains and are constantly optimizing our production and shipping processes to protect the planet.

Extensive range: From handy pocket umbrellas that fit in any briefcase, to classic stick umbrellas that exude elegance, to robust golf and guest umbrellas for the most demanding weather conditions – Fare® has the right umbrella for every situation and every taste. Our diverse range also includes special parasols and charming children’s parasols.

Tailor-made personalization: We see every brand as unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of personalization options to give each sunshade a personal touch. Our state-of-the-art printing techniques, including screen printing for vibrant colors, transfer printing for photorealistic motifs, and innovative sublimation technology, ensure that your logo and message are shown to their best advantage. We also offer options such as doming, wood and laser stickers and laser engraving for a high-quality, detailed representation of your brand.

Emotional and functional effect: A Fare® umbrella is not only a practical everyday object, but also an emotional experience. Our umbrellas appeal to all the senses and create a deeper emotional connection to your brand thanks to their tactile quality. This reinforces the loyalty and positive image of your company with every use.

Value for money and design: Despite our high standards of quality and sustainability, we offer our sunshades at a convincing price-performance ratio. Many of our models are award-winning and, in addition to their functionality, offer an excellent design that represents your brand in style.

Social responsibility: As a member of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, we guarantee that our production facilities operate according to the highest ethical standards. This not only shows our commitment to global responsibility, but also strengthens trust in your brand when you choose Fare® promotional umbrellas.

With Fare® promotional umbrellas, you are investing in a promotional item that reflects your corporate values of sustainability, quality and social responsibility. Get in touch with us for a free consultation, during which we will work together to develop the perfect umbrella collection for your branding. Don’t leave first impressions to chance – choose Fare® advertising umbrellas to present your brand in the best light whatever the weather.

Fare® advertising umbrellas - Show presence, create connections and make a lasting impression.