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Discover sustainability with promotional products from Goldstar

In a world where sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, Goldstar is setting new standards in the promotional products industry. The diverse product range – from elegant recycled promotional products to innovative eco-friendly drinking vessels and practical sustainable bags – reflects not only a commitment to the highest quality, but also a responsibility towards the planet. Read more …

Sustainability you can feel

As a trusted partner for sustainable promotional products, Goldstar goes one step further. Every Goldstar promotional item could tell its own story of sustainability and care. Goldstar actively uses recycled materials and relies on energy-efficient manufacturing processes. The Coastal Collection™ and the partnership with Ocean Bottle are examples of efforts to offer customers products that reuse plastic salvaged from the ocean while supporting community programs.

All-inclusive prices, transparent and fair: Goldstar understands the importance of clear budgeting. Goldstar offers transparent, all-inclusive pricing that allows you to plan your eco-friendly giveaways with no hidden costs. They guarantee that you do not have to compromise on quality.

Branding that touches: Branding is more than just a logo on a product. With promotional products from Goldstar, branding is revolutionized through the use of advanced technologies such as Simplicolour 360 and Colourjet. State-of-the-art printing techniques create vibrant, full-color designs that put your brand front and center. From screen printing decoration to exclusive laser engraving – Goldstar ensures that your biodegradable promotional products are not only seen, but also remembered.

Flexibility that inspires: Goldstar understands that every company has different needs. With low minimum order quantities and a wide range of customization options, solutions are offered that are ideal for companies of all sizes. Whether it’s a small series of unique corporate social responsibility gifts or large quantities for extensive ecological advertising campaigns, Goldstar flexibly adapts to your requirements.

Awarded for innovation: Goldstar’s commitment to innovation and design excellence has been widely recognized, including winning the BPMA Award for “Most Innovative Ballpoint Pen of 2023“. The Reborn ballpoint pen made from recycled aluminum and other sustainable materials is just another example of the ability to combine environmentally friendly practices with excellent functionality.

A look into the future: Goldstar does not believe that its responsibility ends with product sales. They are very active in planning a sustainable future and are also taking steps towards CO2 neutrality. With certifications such as FSC and GRS, Goldstar leads the industry when it comes to environmental responsibility. Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) testing provides business partners with important data to help them understand and reduce the environmental impact of their promotional products.

Choose promotional products from Goldstar and set a strong example for sustainability and quality. Your brand, our planet, our responsibility – that’s Goldstar. Let’s work together towards a sustainable future.