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Discover effective promotional Senator pens and mugs: Sustainably produced, high-quality promotional products “Made in Germany“, ideal for entrepreneurs who want to invest in effective branding and long-lasting customer loyalty. Read more …

Haptic advertising

In a world where digital marketing strategies dominate, the power of tactile advertising – the direct, tangible connection between brand and customer – remains unbeaten. Senator offers you as an entrepreneur an exclusive selection of promotional items that not only strengthen your brand identity, but also convey a lasting message. Discover our premium collection of pens and mugs specially designed to maximize your promotional success.

High-quality ballpoint pens for a long-lasting presence

Our ballpoint pen collection, manufactured entirely in Germany, focuses on quality and durability. Every writing instrument is a commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility. The “Melbi” ballpoint pen, for example, is made from the production waste of organic writing instruments and shows how Senator perfectly combines resource conservation and advertising effectiveness. With a replacement refill that guarantees excellent writing performance for years to come, you and your brand will be remembered for a long time.

Sustainable mugs - your logo in every hand

Senator cups are more than just a drinking vessel. They are a statement of environmentally friendly production and German quality. Our cups and mugs, which can be printed in up to five colors, offer an ideal surface for your logo or advertising message. From the office to outdoor use, our products are robust and demonstrate your commitment to quality and sustainability. The King Can to-go cups are particularly popular as they keep drinks hot or cold for a long time and are therefore used every day.

Completely "Made in Germany" - A promise of quality and environmental protection

Completely “Made in Germany” – A promise of quality and environmental protection This not only guarantees outstanding quality, but also a reduced carbon footprint compared to imported items. With regular certifications and continuous improvements to our production processes, we ensure that every product meets the highest standards while protecting the environment.

Customer loyalty through individual design

Our pens and mugs offer a wide range of personalization options. From simple logo prints to fully customized designs, our in-house print shops allow you to perfectly match your brand identity. This not only creates a distinctive product, but also a deeper connection with your customers through a personalized user experience.

Long-term advertising impact thanks to premium materials

The use of bio-based and recycled plastics underlines our commitment to the environment and at the same time offers you products that are convincing in every respect. Our PLA and R-ABS materials reduce the ecological footprint and at the same time ensure a pleasant feel and durability of your promotional items.

Reliability and trust through experienced expertise

With over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of writing instruments and porcelain items, Senator understands the importance of reliability and customer satisfaction. Our products undergo strict quality controls and are built to last to give you the best return on investment for your marketing strategy.

Rely on Senator if you are prepared to invest in high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly promotional products. Our ballpoint pens and mugs are not only practical everyday companions, but also powerful tools in the hands of your customers that will remind them of your brand time and time again. With products that are both environmentally conscious and of unsurpassed quality, we guarantee that your advertising budget is used efficiently to achieve the greatest possible impact. Let Senator be part of your next successful marketing campaign and experience how we can increase your company value with exceptional promotional products.