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In our constantly digitizing world, it is crucial that your company is not only present online, but also findable. At ixtreme, your Google Ads agency, we understand that the key to sustainable growth and success lies in a visible and effective online presence. Not all Google campaigns are the same. Our paid campaigns are developed to suit your offer. Whenever it makes sense, we also use the latest Google AI technologies.

What makes us so special and fundamentally different: We combine advanced AI technology with unique, partially performance-based payment. This means that we not only provide innovative solutions, but also work closely with you to ensure that our strategies meet your specific needs and objectives. We are convinced that our success is closely linked to yours.

We know that many companies are currently facing challenges when it comes to becoming visible online, generating more traffic and therefore more sales and standing out from the competition. Lack of traffic, low conversion rates and inefficient ad spend are just some of the problems you could be facing. Our specialized Google campaign solutions are designed to overcome these challenges and put your business in the fast lane to success.

Whether you want to generate more traffic, increase your conversion rate or simply make your online marketing more efficient – we have the expertise and the tools to achieve your goals. Discover with us how we can take your company to the next level.

We are ixtreme. – Your partner for future-oriented and success-based Google Ads campaigns.

Why Google Ads campaigns?

Reach: Google ads reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide. This makes it one of the most far-reaching advertising platforms. Current click rates in the SERPs give us much more information.

Click-through rate (CTR): The average click-through rate for an ad on Google search is around 3.17%, but this varies greatly depending on the industry. The average click rate for the “Shopping Ads” area is even higher.

Conversion rates: On average, Google Ads have a conversion rate of around 3.75% in the search network and around 0.77% in the display network. This varies greatly depending on the industry and the offer. Here it is important to recognize which type of campaign is most promising for your offer.

Cost per click (CPC): The average CPC for Google Ads is between €0.05 and €4.00 per click, depending on the industry and bidding strategy. Popular keywords with a correspondingly high search volume can also become very expensive. We guarantee to find the most efficient keywords for the best price.

Mobile vs. desktop: More than half of clicks on Google Ads come from mobile devices, underlining the importance of mobile advertising.

Local search: Google Ads are particularly effective for local businesses. Statistics show that 75% of users who find local information in their search visit a store within 24 hours.

Google Ads and AI: The integration of AI into Google Ads enables advertisers to make their campaigns more efficient by targeting the advertising campaigns much more specifically to the offer and the target group.

What possible Google Ads campaigns there are and what features they have

- Ads are displayed in Google's search results.
- Based on keywords entered by users
- Target group accuracy, as ads are placed based on specific search queries.
- Measurable performance and direct feedback through clicks and conversions.
- High competition for popular keywords which can lead to high click prices
- Requires constant optimization and monitoring of keyword performance.
- Ads appear on a large number of websites in the Google Display Network.
- Use of image and text ads possible.
- Wide reach through access to a large number of websites.
- Visual ads can increase brand awareness.
- Often lower click rates compared to search campaigns.
- Can be perceived as intrusive if ads are not displayed to the right target group.
- Designed for e-commerce websites to show products directly in Google search results.
- Advertisements contain product images, prices and business names.
- Direct product presentation that can encourage purchasing decisions.
- Easy comparison of products and prices for users.
- Requires a continuously maintained and optimized product feed.
- Can cause high costs if competition is strong.
- Automated campaign that uses machine learning to optimize ads across different Google platforms.
- The aim is to achieve the best possible performance according to the defined target (e.g. conversion, clicks) at a favorable price.
- Comprehensive optimization through AI that takes various signals and data points into account.
- Campaigns can be set up according to many aspects, keywords, target group, competition, etc.
- Currently still few customization options.
- Great effort in terms of preparing a campaign. A lot of data is required to give the AI the opportunity for machine learning.
- Specially developed to promote app downloads and interaction.
- Ads appear in Google search results, in the Play Store, on YouTube and in the Google Display Network.
- Automatic optimization of ad delivery to achieve app install targets.
- Broad coverage across different platforms.
- Less control over specific ad placements.
- Can be less effective if the app is not clearly aimed at the target group.
- Ads are placed on YouTube and in other video formats in the Google Display Network.
- Various formats such as in-stream or video discovery
- High user engagement and brand loyalty through visual and audio content.
- Targeting demographic characteristics and interests.
- Creating video material can be time-consuming and costly.
- Success depends heavily on the quality and relevance of the video content.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our Google Ads services

Google Ads are online advertisements that are placed on the Google search engine and its advertising network. They work on a pay-per-click model where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

Google Ads can increase the visibility of your company on the Internet, drive more qualified traffic to your website and thus lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Search campaigns appear in Google search results, while display campaigns appear on websites in the Google Display Network. Search campaigns are keyword-based, while display campaigns tend to be used to increase brand awareness.

We use advanced keyword research tools and consider factors such as relevance, search volume and competition to select the most effective keywords for your specific industry and target audience

Success is measured using various metrics, including click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, quality of traffic and return on investment (ROI).

Yes, you can track the performance of your campaigns via the Google Ads Dashboard, which provides detailed real-time data and analytics. However, you can be sure that we will keep you regularly informed about our successes.

A successful campaign requires a well-thought-out strategy, the right selection and optimization of keywords, target group-specific ad texts and regular monitoring and adjustment.

The time until the first visible success can vary, but many campaigns show positive results within the first few weeks. Continuous optimization improves the results over time.

Yes, Google Ads is suitable for companies of all sizes. We adapt campaigns to every budget and ensure that even smaller companies can benefit from Google Ads.

Our approach uses artificial intelligence to make campaigns more efficient and targeted. AI helps us to make better decisions when placing bids, selecting target groups and optimizing ad delivery.

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